7.62MM BALL AMMUNITION - Consistent performance in various applications and conditions

American Ballistics'  7.62 mm ball ammunition is designed for superior performance with 7.62 mm caliber weapons and is equivalent
to the US M80 style cartridges. The projectile of the cartridge consists of an alloyed lead / antimony core encased in a full 
gilding metal jacket.
American Ballistics'  7.62 mm ball ammunition is manufactured at our Tyrone munitions facility, and is available globally.
American Ballistics also produces 7.62 mm AP cartridges and  7.62 mm M118 LR  cartridges
Nominal Velocity : 2750  FPS    ;  Chamber Pressure;   50,000 PSI
Our 7.62 mm ball ammunition offers superior reliability and performance in all 7.62 mm caliber rifles
and its performance is optimized for use with:
*   7.62 mm General purpose machine guns
*   7.62 mm  Light machine guns
*   7.62 mm  Miniguns
American Ballistics'  7.62 mm ball or AP ammunition can be supplied in the following standard packaging configurations.
*   Linked ball:  one linked belt of 200 rounds per M19A1 container.
*   Linked AP:  one linked belt of 200 rounds per M19A1 container.
*   Loose pack:  20 rounds per carton, 23 cartons per M2A1 container
Our  7.62 mm ammunition will be shipped in standard military packages conforming the UN & ITAR recommendations for
packaging dangerous goods. The packages are classified as  Hazard Division 1.4S,  UN Number  0012, 
Proper Shipping Name - Cartridges for Weapons, Small Arms.